The New You

A sleek transformation occurred in my nineteenth year of life. I began to receive thoughts which insisted of disturbing ideas. My life’s activities become detrimental. I became very ill exposing myself to a critical state of mind and existence. I left my home, overdrawing my bank account, and ran to my home state. My dear family member settled my defeat with calmness which included ingredients of his associates and medium grade blunt. I at first was uncomfortable, but not terrified. After the great ol TLC equipping my mind I became a paranoid mess. I ran and became so distorted I attempted to break into a home. Needless to say I was placed under arrest equipping charges that granted me 3 years felony probation.
In the great facility located in Salem County I became fearful with the convincing thought that my rival was located in the pod with me. I chose to act a role similar to Paul Vitti does in sing sing in the movie Analyze That. After awhile, I began word battling the dark world, predicting Armageddon, and deciphering my life. I also became convinced my stay at the correctional facility was to solve riddles to recieve my wife.
I was later diagnosed of the mental chemical imbalance known as paranoid schizophrenia. This new state of life was introduced around the same stained moment of 9/11. I became mentally issue free with treatment which did not last long due to my convenience of normal life desires. I ruined lives of friends, family, and relationships. This went on for years which today wish had not. I attempt many avenues to make happen what I wanted to happen not wanting to accept my life terms today is never tomorrow no matter what may reside from yesterday!
I am joyful to have equipped my life with greater outcomes. I enjoy my substance of life rather than battling defeat. I love myself rather than hoping someone would love me to love myself. I battle to influence and encourage positive treatment for mental health. Then there positively should be no imprisonment of lack of self appreciation!


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