Think To See

I am aware of multiple concepts of spirituality. I have had glimpse inside the articles of organized designs of elevated freedoms. The bits of information provided particles which filled spaces within my functional brain. These particles equipped me the ease to recognize materials of great beliefs. I later received the knowledge reading and hearing only will bless false antidotes. There are many hidden jewels within one context even a lifetime itself! Exploring the mindful lifetime will always bless!
Believing not in the gray line of knowledge, lead me to inherent the strict black and white knowledge of matters. There is only few straight lines of love, and few bent lines of hate. The poisonous contradiction descended my computation of reality to a fearful atonement. I had experiences in which I questioned, “God or the Devil; the controlling spirit of my profane life?” I struggled with Christian dialect and mannerism. There was many misdirected views and understandings while I allowed detrimental negative influence. Televisions and radios spoke danger while wall people, I’ll name them today, spoke Armageddon. Children and winds help my mind visit dark places. I was trapped wanting to break out!
In obese hope of a healthy future which lasted for days on out, I plagued myself with treacherous positivity. I had a tease of what limits I had hoped to advanced from that a micro emotion elaborated an illuming of pleasure. I received enough advancement from my creator to keep the conquering ailment. A glaze of determination over played the distortion of pity. Family granted still water parables that sweetened my rainbow filled waterfall. I was destined to explore happiness that only evolved to joy! I can only read and hear with a foundation which none may ever destroy. I feel greater than all my previous existences, but reality only created one. One embryo, baby, child, boy, and man. Advancement only pertain maturity of basic facts. I completed one chapter to cry in a many of different ways! I love myself to only at a time hate myself. I were the no need to be on Earth since no one loved me. “Where is my wife or friend”? As many mistakes and misfortunes I had lead to myself I seen no reasoning. At my age fear tolerated my suspicion to feed constant strength. Still not enough, I a greedy habitant, will always build a preference. The sky will always be, but before Wright brothers the first humans seen planes!


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