A hypothesis purchase numbers of reproduced cells! Accounting numerous stained anguish.
An adjacent person satisfy peeled truth an act of reality. Above the clouds nor for aircraft below the clouds reality the same! Many not satisfied of basic accord; spaghetti made with pepperoni or hamburger or shrimp. Mockingbirds will defend the hatchlings knowing to survive is half the battle of defending them. I do not have wings and am much larger; I love my mental, body, and feelings which are my hatchlings! I’m ready as to doubtful belief always grateful to awesome inspirational outcomes!
A long day of easy work ended beginning a trip to the next town. This night ended with a gift to the next beyond, couple injured, and a beginning of some love. Secrets, lessons, and children were received through the love. Determination failed greatly; I was moved by the idea of true love. I would not give up, walking away was not permanent. I had ailment; considering the voiced words I love you I did not accept no as an answer. No matter the details of straight fuck your horse and carriage. My incompetent ass still brought a ring and acted out proposal. I was the laughing stock of Dade City! I then again was the fool six years later. Once again shove that carriage up your ass and that damn horse can trample on your dumb ass! This time seven years of insanity, half a carton of cigarettes a day, and malnutrition. I was worst the second time, but did not go to jail because of her! I also learned to be comfortable at work! Children classify me as biological daddy.
Do you hear voices? Do you believe people can read your mind? Do you feel like harming others? Multiple stays in the hospital and doctor visits. Attraction to multiple medications to strain out normalcy! Struggling with fear on top of fear. Killing brain cells to equip myself with the answer of what the fuck is going on. Pleading with God and the Devil to free me from this daily horrific living. Arguing with people to help me and receive the greatest fuck. I mean bigger than a carriage being shoved up my ass! As if imaginative relaxation happen while in the hands of the treacherous med care. I was born in a hospital and went home never to live in a cringing hospital!
Against the fuck happening in my environment, I enjoy everyday. Yes, much aggravation, but I make love to myself not as in stroke factor! I had to do what I needed to do, at the moment I’m homeless in a shelter with a constant fear my financial situation will never be secure. I have imagined no friends or wife in my future, but masturbate my mind until belief conquer my doubt! I have decided I will fuck evil until there is no option but to spew on itself. Leaving me to the beautiful glory of a motherfucker! There is no other person as important as myself! The Earth will turn whether animals are aboard or not!


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