Times but You

Memory is how I write my work. A language I inherited in which I decide to speak with profession. I had decided to create my own language learning I had to speak my feelings. I must know why I am angry opposed to “I don’t know”! I had designed numerous ideas when considering my relationships. I became excellent understanding her. I will hear many ideas, but I must filter the idea to believe me! Once I will be told I love white bread and wheat is no good for me. When I am told Oatnut bread is greater than white bread I will enjoy one more. I enjoy fresh white bread squishing it in my grip. The bread becomes shiny and delicious. Rather, Oatnut bread is adventurous, healthy, and I don’t have to squish it. I was designed to be above or below normal! I love who I am and will mature as time allows! I learned there are different groups in this world. Some may have experienced what I have and mentally needed no treatment. Others maybe equipped with my ailment and design artistic avenues. We maybe man and woman, but each group has their own agenda. I fight hard never to take advantage of no one nor use or abuse anyone. Through my designed life I have noticed factors of some other designed lives. I understand some persons have difficulties hindering them. I believe I am blessed being able to be gifted with my outlook on life. There are many who thirst for answers and understanding whom pay for individual counseling whether a book or person. Television have created some great influence for many whom have influenced others by action. I decide against negative approach in a direct manner. I decided to encourage individuality. Individuality will highlight independence and encourage ones true being. Other than someone telling you to be a man then you react as you imagine what a man is; you will be a sect in which no one will control how you act. That was an example of something I experienced once, but now nothing will help me decide how I should act. I have seen some mistreated in my perspective. I say my perspective on behalf of not knowing whether the person decided to agree to the treatment! Truthfully spoken I know many are undermined for reasons of lack. In perspective, political members may agree on the country need, but by not knowing the needed direction is know as lack. No matter a person knowledge every person is to be treated importantly as to not being in a position of harm! I love myself and I love others, believing as treat others as I would treat myself! I believe if I would talk rudely about myself then simply leave me be, so I do others the same if the talk rudely about me. This is the reason I started blogging; I wanted affection when I was going through my known worst time (I still have tomorrow) and conversation of love would had been enough! I am happy to have gone through the terrible times overcoming into a mature man! I have much still to learn, but know a lot! The world runs in ways which seems very little can be accomplished, but an entrepreneur will find anyway that is possible and not given! I understand some are not getting the answers they need, and I hope to help you receive the answers by encouraging you to self!
I had disliked cigarettes young, but decided to smoke out of curiosity. I had attempted rolling grass out of the ground smh. I actually felt proud buying Newports and bragged on only smoking Black n Milds. I never enjoyed the smoke going into my eyes or suffocating as I attempted to use both hands. I hated going in the hospital or walmart after smoking due to the smell and taste in my mouth. Unsatisfied after rubbing my eyes receiving burning eyes from smoke residue on my fingers. Very uncomfortable after the baby cloths smelled of cigarette smoke or a child walked by or a baby in a stroller near by. I graduated to smoking my own made cigarettes, I was happy with the price and the blend! I then decided to smoke a carton within a day and a half. I was terrified at the least cough, sore throat or running! I would look at the truth commercials and had to force myself not to give a fuck. A home mental health counselor came over one day as the door was opened smoke engulfed the outside area of the doorway; the house was foggy as a soap opera dream. I quit for a year, but decided to smoke again. Well, the vape era came about and then I wasted money on smoke pens and ecigarettes while still smoking. I then found a heaven the mod! Vaping have been great delicious ejuice and delightful pleasure receiving nicotine! I will be able to only vape delicious flavors of ejuice! Enjoying desserts, candy, and fruits in steam form! My point of this story is I may am ignorant in deciding what I would like to do, but I will mature into what I love! I can always be traditional and eat solid blueberry cream pie or I can vape it and eat a more creative dessert! I know many people who smoke cigarettes for their reason alone, but my individual self will vape my ass off (not literally ass off). I had tried flavored cigars and cigarettes including cloves FAQ cigarettes ima vape! I love the idea of a person being themselves as long as, I can get away from a person who believes negativity is a bright answer! I hope you comprehended the previous sentence, since you’ve been reading this whole article I perceive you should! If you can enjoy your complained filled life (not meaning everyone) then you’ll love your life! I loved cigarettes in different ways at different periods of smoking. I had said I wanted a very long cigarette I could smoke for a long time. When I was told I smoke a lot I said, “Shit, I smoke”. I don’t think I need to clarify I love to vape! I want to get on tha major league and build my own vaping gear; you know an expensive mod, clear true flavor tank, coils and such! I am poor asf though, so that’s not working out at the moment! I will be there one year though trust and believe!
Hallucinations will mess life up! “What can I trust in to stay out of imprisonment”? Hallucinations will cause anxiety, depression, and insanity! My no understanding family, friends, and associates caused pain. I had no God nor Devil only the hallucinations to depend on. The sense of a figure who told me the episode was not real battled insanity. I had to find several things at certain periods to help me grasp on to reality. Guaranteed within an episode I could remember the material and coast back to life as I knew it. I had proved my point many of times holding on to the existence of me. I have forced my way through anxiety and depression, but I always have to remember things can get bad off. I always stay focused and don’t get complacent remembering that material to hold on to keeping me focused! The mind receive information 24 hours a day whatever is real is embedded in my mind no matter what new things I learn. Things that no being can take away not myself or anything else. I love vaping, but if vaping were a hallucination, I would stop vaping! I encourage you to really love yourself not any factor you have knowledge of, but you. Love you and be true to you cause you are the only thing you have. Enjoy some food and you rest!


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