Tree art compliment moves the body degree filling steps memory sights! Wind corrupts fields filled lifeforms noticing present breath! Antidotes correct fluids action communication artistically moving willpowers! The unseen graves imagination on band enlighten poor anguish! Night vision imagined day as birds was said never fly at night! Cars, boats, trains, and planes run field open uplifting the one unseen! Turntables, spay paints, and magnets motivate chemistry relationship never lost! Imprisonment which fail; never promote violence; embarrassment; truth unwanted! A tree is a tree and the deep waters unseen by man is imagination! Conversation between two people produce wind moving emotions within! We walk and force running, learning gifts told by the creator! Greed make pain; buying ten cans of peas, but needing two! New things whether material nor machine inhabited words from influential greatness! Entrepreneurship is individual comfort! Broken spirits will encourage salvage or saint! I had been through many difficulties as said earlier I am homeless now! I worked through my ailments which encourage me to keep focused and lined with positive prosperity! I let go of all negative improvements and allow my creator to design my true gift; individuality! A counselor advanced me to knowledge me of persons who discard my individuality on behalf of my once lived life! Understand negative personas maybe an act to embrace your positive influence Many as said before are not all considered positive, but are we filter as any man made filter! I enjoy my living even though my fear inhabit confusion I have learned fear is a human emotion. As the many waters of the Earth each person fear or emotions are of different depths! Knowledge of self will always gift you with your understanding, rather a dependence of someone else! You will fear when you are transforming to your new beginning but be aware you are maturing! A gifted individual inspiring gifts and talents of others! My knowledge states China produced the first currency which I gathered from Wikipedia! I was influence in my early recovery by a movie titled A Beautiful Mind! A complaint should be replaced giving a new pair of shoes and socks to funky feet! We all have feelings when we learn our true understanding we will contradict past sayings of negativity! Meaningless marriages, bullying, and prejudice is obsolete! Individuality produce one own mind, clothing, and gifts! We all walk on the ground and bend our necks to the sky, but creatively know shit our own shit! Imagination produce pain and failures which are deep conquers of forced movements! Art will enlighten every concrete fact once denied, but created to know the small sound! I used the memory of child when my teacher ask me to press the button when I heard the beep! I know you love you; we were created to!


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