No evil Lloyd movement devil build! Inspire gossip motionless built! Built motionless gossip inspire Lloyd movement! Like sight develop security profile! Seed no tree! Blind see /sight illustration-mute body language/ speak universal! Sun cloud speck sky! There is said to be fish unknown to man or woman in the deep ocean. 

My confidant explored me to the greatest benefit I could ever imagine! At a point I had believed my training was for evil bliss! Yet, upon analyzing my life I realized I was wrong! I needed everything I received! Now I sit legs crossed overly proud of me! I have had a many of elements who helped design the great me! I am blessed beyond measure! I enjoy realizing my difference! I enjoy the fact of never giving up!  

I had a time of no medication in solitary confinement. I remembered being told I would live in a looney bin. People were beating on doors which are iron! People were yelling to the top of there lungs. This was driving me crazy. I decided to get up and yell and bang, but then realized I was just like them! I decided to construct myself in a way to strengthen my mind. I started with math as a thought came to mind. I then started making movies and acting them out. I made stories and songs all to help myself through a struggle. I have drank my own piss, masturbated, and loved on myself. I had to prove I would not live in a looney bin all my life! I have argued with the voices, and coached them. I have ran outside looking for them to beat that ass. Hiding for hours to catch the enemy terrorizing me, damn! I have worked very hard to feel very blessed. And to be very blessed up! 


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