Needing artistic approval!

I admire donations which focus on upcoming projects; feel free to inspire yourself for books of my future art!


Comedian mimics hard facts! The petals of a flower strokes the imagination! As though water color figures thoughts; pleasure! Convinced less than human one will devote unto an ailment state! The gesture will illuminate the king which then bless the country! All is well; the woman vagina moisten of imagination!  As the concrete disable then these ailments characterize the appreciation of evil! Why cry,  build life  concede truth; we are unable to truthfully say the Earth is round or flat! I have none relations to space or the height to figure the outlines of the Earth! I am able to speak and see the fact of my skin complexion!

How may I say she loves me, I had one stare! The conversation of dreams and likes of such. I laugh and consider her smile with delight of my convenience! As the vein of a leaf thinly worrying of my demeanor, action, and presence! Who may I call and what shall I say? My heart beat race and thought pattern glued as Georgia mud! I speak to myself as her voice moist my ear! Dream finesse me, considering her nakedness spewing down my chin! Does space have sound, and has a star ever effect the ground? Why water do not freeze from the faucet? I pray in this spiritual demeanor correcting my existence of loneliness!

I stare, my child: lighter than olive oil, flesh around the eye as the sky around the sun, hair unnoticed, the toes and fingers, and wow the hands and feet! Building teeth and this life I live! Time is 2011 and wise hurt has already fill the galaxy! I notice the Brady Bunch, but consider Children and Families! Yes, dads have watched NFL or mothers have preached ideal of a man cooking! I only race to the side to consider no hope; bully the kid for a police task force! Then I notice Chief of Staff President Bush; 9/11;/ Life once was free no ideal or conspiracy. I have now the whiff of cheese burgers from the dollar menu of Wendy’s! Encouragement of frozen bagged vegetables, but only sixty cent canned goods! I eye the child on the comfortable couch, smelling the ideal of a home! I watch the floor needing of sweeping, glance at the kitchen; a cry of the child, I desire to feed or change a diaper!  I worry when he cries constantly, I think poor Ja quan I need you to focus to build the greatest America one can imagine!

Purpose is given by you or someone else! I see my face and hands and body! She tells me I’m ugly, but she’s beautiful! A car is a car and is designed as the constructor has it to be! I am life therefore, I am my designer as for today I am thirty-five years of age! I no cry or love blindly! I no facts of hypothesis, but the sidewalk is sidewalk! I shall begin at KFC and end owning Popeye’s!


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