People; eye ashes and thin skin covering equipment used to part! Human; angles, elements rest god placed! Blades of green pigment is safe of the crystals named dirt! That water raging and deep well safe of soil too! Visual plant those pink, blue, and white flowers! Amazingly water made of different entities and soil! The spoken to have vitamins!  

What tells the dislike of a female? The vibration of myself informs me of something, yet she comes around and no reaction! She could be the best impression I may ever have! I hold dear to the useful remembrance which complains of the hateful deceits I have found! I have thought of liver as a meal, but never go and purchase nor cook the meat!  Contradictions inform the woods at night maybe a bad idea! The unknown may have any definition! A friend decides to leave everything and run to Iowa, then shall you too? Honesty is so great, but the lies seem so more much! a female and seven men or a man with three females!

A friend decided that his life is more determined than the acts of drugs! I on the other hand experience the living of transpiring! The gift of obedience, but in a way of self appreciation! I am my own man and shall gift as I please! This man (friend) has endured the living and I homeless on account! I on the other hand understand the turmoil of lack!   He understand the facts of his children and the gift of working hard! I am thirty-five; I have lived and experienced things differently! Therefore, I am required differently; his happiness and my happiness! I had fought the idea of him and decided what I am worth! I am sleeping when I sleep and soil when I do! Anyone else I am me! I am happy in times as is said other may experience sadness of depressed! There is no limit when one is whom it shall be! I speak from experience; I will never dedicated to nothing am like! I will like her, but will always love me! Never a conspiracy neither fact, but only me!

Art is!

The beginning of the unknown!




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