If eye shall as my own; then God, she spoke and he said! I do not want held; negative balance to the unappreciative! I spoke of the limits of never listening to God! A disastrous approach! Fear as he said will always hold the great to a degree! That which the christians spoken hell! I may never go through this uncontrollable note of disaster! No; I know what I am spoken of and this image of what should be is tolerable to the fact! A concrete slab only breaks the back and hands of that constructor! As the flood limited to a deceased which meaning broken wood to bend the mind of the such of everlasting! Yet; the vegetarian classify the product of flavoring disastrous of chicken or cow! Shall; the meaning of all those equipped with greatness, settle for passion of the community! She says you will love or then he say hate, but my community of? I am desired and the gift is the outspoken gratitude to almost make it too only think the compassion is in the eye or mind,,,spoken!

Have eye ever wanted to leave home to live in a shelter! Have eye ever walked down the street and known of no way to go! Have eye ever decided to drink a water yet, decided to drink beer! The time of life has been so growing; to grow in the mind and the body, but never experience the true meaning of  disease! One may ask why have I received this disease? Why am I broke poor or rich! I have no question of why I am typing on this computer! I have planned this moment years ago, there is no reason for me to wait so long; I had a laptop in 2012 and even before pen or pencil and paper! I have written notes using the chewed up metal that holds the eraser! There is no thought never meant, but do you truly comprehend the reason! As the soldier stands the battlefield the questions is not that he must defend, but rather what is the puzzle, riddle, and maze of the battle! Shall the battle be the homework of his life; the holds in which he chooses to erase or the miracle he wish to fulfill! The teacher is she/he always chose to learn or the mathematician love the organization? The student for many reason has deferred from the true cause as his^tory which means to believe in the truth rather than facts! Yes, ever fact seems to be able to be proven, but what is the cd player whom only can spin the cd: in contrast the cd player that reverse, fast forward, and pause! There are rules which fights against the truth every moment, but the negative so loud many fall. I have fought for so many years to obtain the royal greatness to shine with God! I will and always have gifted the truth and fell to the oppose of the fact! So today I say yes I can read and spell, but next time read that sign and understand when you see that stick man or the triangle struggle to imagine what it defines!

I thought to tell a crafty story; something artistic to define my design, but the real is so great! I lay here listening to Tyga. Actually a song I have not heard in a long time! Faded is the song. I am struggling at the moment with no food, much debt 3900 in exact, eight dollars in paper dollars, and may reside in a shelter tomorrow! I have knowledge though which was spoken to be the greatest gift to mankind! Question, how many enjoy the rich one who sounds like duhduh! Aye, I go through held daily with hopes each day to acquire a great outcome! The beginning of the day (I despise the word morning-offspring mourning) which I am bammed with headache, struggle, and a list of my own words ” it is too early for this shit; shut the fuck up”! Many endure the moment for me to say good morning which I remember telling my mom these words! I yell like stay the fuck out of my business! Yeah, I never said I am better than anybody or one I love me ( wish I could find a better word than love)! I have looked over the English language through eye’s view which I had imagined great! Seemingly a bunch of verbs which seem not to be verbs! I think the difference is the mind-set or physical approach! Anyway forward is the only way (see what I mean?)! By the way these blogs aren’t for everyone I noticed today some people decide to believe what they want too! I advise you to comprehend rather than read, other words just looking as usual will give the wrong message! I look back reading the post and feel all great and shit like look at this nigga…oh shit let me iznae the nigga part!

I had imagined a game! The game is finding Waldo (nothing alike…!LOL)! I may be in Denver with this lovely meal designed to figure, hand sanitizer, flowers, and a radio! She may be in let’s say Japan now never do I believe in force! Lil story I’ll tell; In elementary school me and Shantelle was forced to be together in this lil boyfriend girlfriend escapade! Total disaster I became the stupid who wrote the letter and trashed in about 30 seconds ( don’t remember the time, but it was fast!) Anyway, some way she is able to receive the plane ticket and such int time to make it to his house! He has the perfect meal she has the perfect conversation look or whatever; that’s their meeting not mine or ours (those who do not understand don’t)! This game is such as a natural Godly thing which I think ima see you later and possibly in my greedy persona see her thirty-five years later ( some of you will notice the joke!) This game could make you a millionaire in hours and normal in days; who relate and people! Now this game uses people as a  configure such complexion! The sites attributes the response! The figure will invade your thoughts! Overall, work is still a must and of course never derails life rather imports Gods true meaning rather than the maker! Now in this game if you cook the wrong meal (example) then there is no problem between you too, but rather there is someone hungry somewhere else! Needing is you too life experience leaving with a true gift of learning equaling growth! And I repeat nothing is man made nor woman made! We wake up and get dressed and then…. So enjoy for those of you who are ready Much Love…Your Madd!!!!!(No bragging, but aye I”m tha shitt!) “She Love Me, He do too!!!!

Art is!

The beginning of the unknown!



(red tha blog that has the same paypal stamp! Eye insist!…Trust Me! wish I had the upside down exclamation point.!)


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