Subtract Life!!!!!

The future they say repeats itself; in history bell bottoms was the style, and then came elephant trunk pants! Years American football has been accord yet, female football vanished in thin air! I was about 13 when the sport came about SMH! At one point the Kid n’ Play movement had time with house party and such! Then Trick Daddy and then!!! Many years my mom group received Star Trek and Back To The Future! Today, we have Androids, Iphones, and Chromebook laptops! Anyway, I myself look for greater projects and possibilities! Never and I mean Never endure with the new or known facts! The government have the greatest scientist which receives everything before the community does. The fortunate receives things way before the less fortunate does! Therefore, when we receive a phone there is most likely numerous of it’s like, but more advanced! I find the misery in such a thing really real! I need not to brag, but rather enjoy the enlightenment of God doing such! If ten people brag for me then I have none to brag for cause t has already been done!

I had suspicion that my lady was doing something behind my back (fuck she was apply a gift for me)! I got so caught up in the midst of what I wanted to hear I failed to realize she slept with me every night! I failed to realize she feeds me and shower with me! Thrown off by the fellas and those of natural decent who wanted the woman I had. The thought of a woman going through so many lengths to speak what she had was known as a jewel in disguise! Therefore, never having such a thing, I had the humiliation of never being able to predict or think of any gift of such! I had believed I loved her, but also I am not one for surprises, and then again was it truly a surprise since I waited fifteen years! Now, saying she is different from other woman then I guess fifteen years is great surprising gift! I once walked in the snow with holes in my shoes stuffed with cardboard! And then Martin Luther King designed the bus boycott! I mean from prison to jail to unemployment; I couldn’t imagine a gift so great! I had suspicion maybe she’s rich and taking me through changes to secure a definite possibility! Now, I am homeless and in a lot of debt! As history repeats itself one had said wealthy is much more encouraged than richness! I don’t no all my life I’ve been poor! I have yet to receive a check from lets say Nas or Kevin, but okay! Well, I lonely think of a child which phone calls are unreal and then again maybe you could answer that question (“what the fuck he talking about”)!

Fire water department; poor lease and then subs! Marination is key for digestion! Soil; brick and mortar! Tires roll whether wheel chair or bicycle! Walgreens once sold milkshakes and Coca Cola once had Cocaine within the ingredients! Americans once were from another place and then Africa! Woman were once women and now we have basketball! Radios are magic and then Chromebook! The Pursuit of Happiness and the Smile feature Tupac and Scarface! Jay Z produce gifts of a painting worth more than what he brought if for and that’s 9.99! A child, woman, and prostitute, and eighty years old! I once drank Blue Bull and Remy Martin! Homeless, broke, and privileged! The roads once was dirt and brick and tar, the highway! My brother once was weeks old and now he is I don’t know Twenty-Nine! The world need change! Drake said it, Obama said it, and Trump said it! That’s nine years and before! I talk different “eat the pie Anamae” (“read and comprehend”)! Friend means scary or associate who designate to supply! Much Love for real though!

P.S. We have been livin for the other generation; I’m sure we don’t want the same the same mistakes! Birth Year 1982!!!!

Needing artistic approval!

I admire donations which focus on upcoming projects; feel free to inspire yourself for books of my future art!


Art is!

The beginning of the unknown!



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