multiple talks at one time and then that single speech! I mean how can I know she want to get down? How could I visualize the words I speak? Text message is key and golden (you being smart)! I mean who do you know thats really gay? I mean is it gay cause I don’t do it or is it even nasty? Why would I put my place of another man? No, no, and what is the effort of the battle? Are you influencing my ass and I am steady telling you no so my ass notify my mind to punch yo out? Then the criticism; mom dukes hollar I am gay wtf! Pussy (for all yall that banish eyes of profanity) is the greatest fleshy golden promise to me!

I lay in my bead small dick (penis for those who had this flesh of chocolate) and quick nutting factor (sperm for my geeks out there) hollaring hell at god! I mean here is this moist and warm, soaking wett, fumigating, tight, loosely fashioned pussy hole! Why as the greatest thing to man as my self would you allow such a curse! I mean damn I formulate this greast sexual fashion of art! You disturb my damn artistics to announce your claim and then the least don’t let me back in the pussy (both ways that is)! I mean the hell with you fuck; and then there goes the devil to encourage the pout of my demise! Then alone man comes along and announce how much better he does! She comes and say hell I’ll sex him just to laugh as I creep in the bathroom! Wow, here me go even upon jaculation (beatting meat or masturbate) see another shortcoming of not so great orgasmic pleasure! I ask the doctor and say ma’ma (no where near ma’ma; she’ll be 150years old and still SAF) I nut fast and uhm need to figure out how not too! see no i should have hit that up..shit im in st pete hell! Anywho, i got that body kiss though (bring that stank ass here if you want to shittttttt!,,,,,,,”””!(laftor that is….,,,,””;;::::”,,

what if god pissing on us all or baking us or toilet ocean or shit just fatting us up and you skinny ones are the grissle uh yea that is some old ass shitt and uhm i am tired of it fuck why dont you just dieeee or dye or whatever!


I have done everything known to me to get rid all the ailments have amongst the others! Yet, the seldoms who allows life to encourage found every reason knot! I mean freedom amongst my great age! I am who shall I be and of course eye! All in all is allowed to think as please be! I enjoy all my ailment and allowed to perform lovely acts of cleanliness, and food enjoyment! Let alone, working and career statis! i enjoy all my fans and encourages’ of these lovely posts of articles! I am so high that I see the angle of the God present (pardon of all of no god)!

I asked that lovely day; sun and warm, no breeze, and by ourselves! I meant so much well; the excitement of a girl liking me! She said so many times no Lloyd I don’t like you! I hollar and yell (not actually) and she said yes, okay, I like you! Oh, boy there I am looking with the confidence of greatness! I have a girlfriend! What a great note that was torn and thrown in the trash! i mean what is this your cheating on me how could you do such a thing! I enjoy the small peter she said (My bad Peter)! I mean this little thing; and oh of course is just as quick a dance then the heartbeat! I loved them all but, aye who couldn’t I stay with myself; you can love a dog right (clarification) anywho! i mean so well; that thang rise up and short of any aspect of God or god, but hey that kiss (@%&) is awesome! Maybe take two hours for the great lick of great vanilla ice cream! So toe jam, but better bread…(could say lol, wats tha point?))) so as time invades the great outside of life, I doomed that relationship without patience! She was soft and chubby, cute too, we played house and of course we were the couple! A great battle of saying I dont like that gurl! Anyway she became that of, I like never know what happend? So, now I sit in this chair considerably homeless (addict tha least) enjoying my great day again and again! Never understand why someone would give away such a great life (never the homeless,,,clarified)! Now the greedy of things seem to be as if the bastards with great monies and of coourse coin (daeedadeee!)!

Cell involve but tree! Ground see through but sky! Water high but dark blue! I take water to saw brick and to mix pepesi and to also wash my ass! I enjoy washing my cloths and digging the dirt! I enjoy the new begining of that CIGAR….hey don’t jugde! So mortal Kombat and then mario oh well mispelled shit im different fuckit!!!!!


Today a lesson….who perfect who…and i perfect me! Only zero upside down you (however spelled)  and then l or one or seven? And then the question! From the beginining I began this post and never ended! For who charish their idea and pass it away! Hated to have an idea and nothing to write! Here we are twenty-dirst century and! I had dreamed of electromic cigarettes which was told back in the nineties! I puffed on that thing asif real OMG!

My mother told me of short hand which last never long; till emoji and of course my little computer! I’ve noticed if I want to go back childhood just pick up a toy! Some want to stay there, such as nursimg homes and such, but me the evil canieval sorta speak! What can I explore or change or begin! I dare grineyeagain..

Lol or /@/! Any way I enjoy writting these blogs and dare a person say they are trash ( no complaint)! I am one who took the bible for its word and when there was no action I decided! I love my greatness so much I dare meaneyeagain! So hey here I go about to eat some fish sticks and string beans! Still considered homeless, and working on my book$ I am appreciative to all sorts *I mean what has never made you know! Anywho have a good one.
Bythewayps write a fucking comment and oh of course how aboit a donation! To all my fans aye thatswatsup and uh u too!

Love means yourself! Possibility is approximate; seemingly one, but is two or other! Past is that, the guy is never known! She may say many things which adjacent of your terms! Looks and likes is as he she is of themselves! Feelings are hot cold or warm, but emotions promote tears, smiles, and such! 

Hand touch face with sting! No need to speak endure the tear and smile on my face! My heart i notice never or fist of tight grip! My folded legs could amount to my rest of own body! As for feet maybe laying flat on ground! Even though the return of school could possibly be a teachers demise; my arrogence emplies no school ever! My children smarts equip a life! The living are dumb and incomplete (a person)! To cry like people are tremendously work as a sweaty body! There so many humans in motion or movement that traffic jam kills the existing trip! Persons always carry many coin types; not only questions, but also dollar and board amounts! A sweater designed for me should have stayed in the nurses office, but hey be real and reel yourself tha fish! IMA PISCES!

Mathematic conversation and communication! For many years there has been language of letters, but what of those of numbers? I see emoji and puntuation figures and the meanings equal nothing! I could design that the punctuation is of the demand type, and the letter is the license of things! Maybe the emoji is of games and the.mathatics is the money? I don’t no I mean whats knew? New knew known shit hell the same shit! When will one come about designing which will release the holy ghost and design the much needed design of life living! Or a movie which is real rather than simple! Many have waited and few have died waiting dor the moment to desire life! I am 35 and hope the gainful employment and I oppose you have a job or Career$ 5-!€@=÷?¿[]>0



Subtracted is the case of many wheathers….

Cups are bowls and plates are use of words!  Beds are God and all else butt we keept kept!

We shall neva and always will diffrent be cause! Do na te me to spend cash and gift an aid to ur cause



i once was lloyd now im kerakdt if the appeal of an paranoid schizophrenic isnt decient than howl can a, well I planted a qurter into my water to return the soil to its presence but i understood everyon walkks the ground and silence is nile golden!

/%+@× equal I work hard everyday!

 Aministertoldmeicouldtakemedicationasreligionisthegifttochristianinhopeonedayjesushallretungodwillneverseeus because hislight blindoureyes!

The military bulds this land but the compute will nasa!

Nas my favorite artist…RAPSODY!

MUCH LOVE.      MOMILOVEYOU.   hello grandmom … ALWAYS REST IN ✌


Rap music is art then skill then English Language! $@me yes is of persons$ Most Ar Art! For instance: I take a glock to your nine/shot ten times the forty-five/you will never give me ryne! This means to never give up on the hope you have! Definitio :I take a gun away from a child borne him to live greater life/new beginings the forty-five year old man begins new life, but what will he do with this gun he’s a convicted felon himself/ the corrections department will give him a hard time attempting to live his new knowlegdeable life onbehalf of this new found gun! Rap Music was a beginining….Xzibit Krs_One…Busta Rymes!

The begining is never the end! I had advanced my ego first childish! I became advanced without sight! I became addictied to my hype! I endured street and dark revelations! I even became swagful! I enjoy with joyful lust to always be legendary in my artifacts stated, “Even if I were 80 years old I would still freestyle”! I always began to write, but at my level of greatness Florida began! I could say lol, but I don’t find that shit funny! I began to record myself enlightenimg my own heartbeat! I will never type ” I Love to freestyle”! I understand secret text I assure people, persons, and humans have been thirsty! $(me things are better left unsaid and most cost a whole lotta money 9.99! There are numerous artist whom key themselves, but few endure chips over excitement!


I have anguished myself to a degree of no overwhelm! I need no one to answer my puzzle;what of your life! I have no need for general television nor is publicity free! I have an art that is criticized of many degrees! As if I were a star I improve my delight daily! You will am never my God nor god! Never take my work lightly and then I show you! To read my work and then to analyze yourself is a true delight which corresponds greatness;none of my work is a tear nor strain of any ! Space I mean that…Mirror were made years ago and everyone figured beauty was a MARK!

Charge equal:minus,plus,plus,division,plus! Eye never level! Brain never seen! Words are matter, yet no sight! “Words are Angels”! Angles are descriptions of up and down meeting! Skeleton is hard muscle built by blood as tissue or you could sea! Cement or village as water and overflowing!

I wonce seen her played house with her! My Aunt consumption maybe we were meant to be (this is my own description or opinion)! I begged her if we were to be together she said no, but I begged and pleaded;now she’s gone! Liers only reap what the sow, yet here I lie in this bed to overcome the drought of the day! I only wonder what it would be like to stay awake and sleep catch me every time! (this is never how I feel)! I payed for silver and gold Tequila only to mellow my doubt and to piss my fellow! This is a lie, but it happened! As for God; she can and will do as she please! For us humans then we shall breath or so and live as the day allows! Any of us who strengthens a day is as if we stilled the waters ourselves! Fuel will only be gathered as it is needed! Who in any day will stiffen there bones to take advil unless you know it taste like candy! I still will never stiffen my bones on behalf of never wanting my body to get old, but to rather enjoy my wrinkle as if it was a scroll written! Human equal; not equal to,plus,not equal to,plus,plus! Approximately, gaining everything not equal to itself!

Needing artistic approval!

I admire donations which focus on upcoming projects; feel free to inspire yourself for books of my future art!


Art is!

The beginning of the unknown!




The Beginning is always near! Every moment that begins is that Beginning! i had a moment when all the likes were against me! I always Believe in Myself! I pray for the moment of the greatest Moments!

Long wind will gift a strategy of gifted talnt! I must conceal a glimpse of time! There no time to conceal! Imagine is Life which is a Lie! To Live is a strategy to with-hold itself! A glimpse into the future locks you into the Held zone! Living is the truth of every aspect! No Zone is worth your turmoil! I appreciate the greatness of Suspicion! THe day comes and goes and then Night Stand! I am appreciative of The Natural sense of the future; The present is no way the Future! Every time holds its own Key! Every Appreciation is Natural as a Glimps is everything Wrong! My Deknight is no Wrong….

Every time I glimps at her I see her presence! I understand her wound and delight in her gift! I could never terorrize her delightful approach; I am one for love never for hate! I cut her off so swift she gasp for my appreciation! I see another and by far her delightest holds gilt! I cant stand but to endure for her hair…. And then it was new Jersey the same as the home! I am A Quak making the day of the Night! The neva seen a nigga!!!! I then hold dear to one I pray for; who is she with the mark of pussy on her face! I can taste it and dig it! But it is not what I want  will accept! Fighting is my mistress who desire my whole attention!!!! I never cheat nor sleep with another yet I stand and engage! Her I never did but wantd to baddly! I called her name but yet anger when no answer came,,, Where is my donation!

Kain was a man who desired gifts over treasure, he desired the true love of God! And again a bag a bond is all my woman is! God is never greedy just surffice! Now never give a word never say what you wilt; charish your tongue and never your body…Your words live long before your skin and muscule!!!Come to me if you will!

P>S> It was meant


Needing artistic approval!

I admire donations which focus on upcoming projects; feel free to inspire yourself for books of my future art!


to be misspelled…Im in this game too!!!!