I have anguished myself to a degree of no overwhelm! I need no one to answer my puzzle;what of your life! I have no need for general television nor is publicity free! I have an art that is criticized of many degrees! As if I were a star I improve my delight daily! You will am never my God nor god! Never take my work lightly and then I show you! To read my work and then to analyze yourself is a true delight which corresponds greatness;none of my work is a tear nor strain of any ! Space I mean that…Mirror were made years ago and everyone figured beauty was a MARK!

Charge equal:minus,plus,plus,division,plus! Eye never level! Brain never seen! Words are matter, yet no sight! “Words are Angels”! Angles are descriptions of up and down meeting! Skeleton is hard muscle built by blood as tissue or you could sea! Cement or village as water and overflowing!

I wonce seen her played house with her! My Aunt consumption maybe we were meant to be (this is my own description or opinion)! I begged her if we were to be together she said no, but I begged and pleaded;now she’s gone! Liers only reap what the sow, yet here I lie in this bed to overcome the drought of the day! I only wonder what it would be like to stay awake and sleep catch me every time! (this is never how I feel)! I payed for silver and gold Tequila only to mellow my doubt and to piss my fellow! This is a lie, but it happened! As for God; she can and will do as she please! For us humans then we shall breath or so and live as the day allows! Any of us who strengthens a day is as if we stilled the waters ourselves! Fuel will only be gathered as it is needed! Who in any day will stiffen there bones to take advil unless you know it taste like candy! I still will never stiffen my bones on behalf of never wanting my body to get old, but to rather enjoy my wrinkle as if it was a scroll written! Human equal; not equal to,plus,not equal to,plus,plus! Approximately, gaining everything not equal to itself!

Needing artistic approval!

I admire donations which focus on upcoming projects; feel free to inspire yourself for books of my future art!


Art is!

The beginning of the unknown!




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