The Beginning is always near! Every moment that begins is that Beginning! i had a moment when all the likes were against me! I always Believe in Myself! I pray for the moment of the greatest Moments!

Long wind will gift a strategy of gifted talnt! I must conceal a glimpse of time! There no time to conceal! Imagine is Life which is a Lie! To Live is a strategy to with-hold itself! A glimpse into the future locks you into the Held zone! Living is the truth of every aspect! No Zone is worth your turmoil! I appreciate the greatness of Suspicion! THe day comes and goes and then Night Stand! I am appreciative of The Natural sense of the future; The present is no way the Future! Every time holds its own Key! Every Appreciation is Natural as a Glimps is everything Wrong! My Deknight is no Wrong….

Every time I glimps at her I see her presence! I understand her wound and delight in her gift! I could never terorrize her delightful approach; I am one for love never for hate! I cut her off so swift she gasp for my appreciation! I see another and by far her delightest holds gilt! I cant stand but to endure for her hair…. And then it was new Jersey the same as the home! I am A Quak making the day of the Night! The neva seen a nigga!!!! I then hold dear to one I pray for; who is she with the mark of pussy on her face! I can taste it and dig it! But it is not what I want  will accept! Fighting is my mistress who desire my whole attention!!!! I never cheat nor sleep with another yet I stand and engage! Her I never did but wantd to baddly! I called her name but yet anger when no answer came,,, Where is my donation!

Kain was a man who desired gifts over treasure, he desired the true love of God! And again a bag a bond is all my woman is! God is never greedy just surffice! Now never give a word never say what you wilt; charish your tongue and never your body…Your words live long before your skin and muscule!!!Come to me if you will!

P>S> It was meant


Needing artistic approval!

I admire donations which focus on upcoming projects; feel free to inspire yourself for books of my future art!


to be misspelled…Im in this game too!!!!


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