Rap music is art then skill then English Language! $@me yes is of persons$ Most Ar Art! For instance: I take a glock to your nine/shot ten times the forty-five/you will never give me ryne! This means to never give up on the hope you have! Definitio :I take a gun away from a child borne him to live greater life/new beginings the forty-five year old man begins new life, but what will he do with this gun he’s a convicted felon himself/ the corrections department will give him a hard time attempting to live his new knowlegdeable life onbehalf of this new found gun! Rap Music was a beginining….Xzibit Krs_One…Busta Rymes!

The begining is never the end! I had advanced my ego first childish! I became advanced without sight! I became addictied to my hype! I endured street and dark revelations! I even became swagful! I enjoy with joyful lust to always be legendary in my artifacts stated, “Even if I were 80 years old I would still freestyle”! I always began to write, but at my level of greatness Florida began! I could say lol, but I don’t find that shit funny! I began to record myself enlightenimg my own heartbeat! I will never type ” I Love to freestyle”! I understand secret text I assure people, persons, and humans have been thirsty! $(me things are better left unsaid and most cost a whole lotta money 9.99! There are numerous artist whom key themselves, but few endure chips over excitement!


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