Love means yourself! Possibility is approximate; seemingly one, but is two or other! Past is that, the guy is never known! She may say many things which adjacent of your terms! Looks and likes is as he she is of themselves! Feelings are hot cold or warm, but emotions promote tears, smiles, and such! 

Hand touch face with sting! No need to speak endure the tear and smile on my face! My heart i notice never or fist of tight grip! My folded legs could amount to my rest of own body! As for feet maybe laying flat on ground! Even though the return of school could possibly be a teachers demise; my arrogence emplies no school ever! My children smarts equip a life! The living are dumb and incomplete (a person)! To cry like people are tremendously work as a sweaty body! There so many humans in motion or movement that traffic jam kills the existing trip! Persons always carry many coin types; not only questions, but also dollar and board amounts! A sweater designed for me should have stayed in the nurses office, but hey be real and reel yourself tha fish! IMA PISCES!

Mathematic conversation and communication! For many years there has been language of letters, but what of those of numbers? I see emoji and puntuation figures and the meanings equal nothing! I could design that the punctuation is of the demand type, and the letter is the license of things! Maybe the emoji is of games and the.mathatics is the money? I don’t no I mean whats knew? New knew known shit hell the same shit! When will one come about designing which will release the holy ghost and design the much needed design of life living! Or a movie which is real rather than simple! Many have waited and few have died waiting dor the moment to desire life! I am 35 and hope the gainful employment and I oppose you have a job or Career$ 5-!€@=÷?¿[]>0


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