Today a lesson….who perfect who…and i perfect me! Only zero upside down you (however spelled)  and then l or one or seven? And then the question! From the beginining I began this post and never ended! For who charish their idea and pass it away! Hated to have an idea and nothing to write! Here we are twenty-dirst century and! I had dreamed of electromic cigarettes which was told back in the nineties! I puffed on that thing asif real OMG!

My mother told me of short hand which last never long; till emoji and of course my little computer! I’ve noticed if I want to go back childhood just pick up a toy! Some want to stay there, such as nursimg homes and such, but me the evil canieval sorta speak! What can I explore or change or begin! I dare grineyeagain..

Lol or /@/! Any way I enjoy writting these blogs and dare a person say they are trash ( no complaint)! I am one who took the bible for its word and when there was no action I decided! I love my greatness so much I dare meaneyeagain! So hey here I go about to eat some fish sticks and string beans! Still considered homeless, and working on my book$ I am appreciative to all sorts *I mean what has never made you know! Anywho have a good one.
Bythewayps write a fucking comment and oh of course how aboit a donation! To all my fans aye thatswatsup and uh u too!


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