I have done everything known to me to get rid all the ailments have amongst the others! Yet, the seldoms who allows life to encourage found every reason knot! I mean freedom amongst my great age! I am who shall I be and of course eye! All in all is allowed to think as please be! I enjoy all my ailment and allowed to perform lovely acts of cleanliness, and food enjoyment! Let alone, working and career statis! i enjoy all my fans and encourages’ of these lovely posts of articles! I am so high that I see the angle of the God present (pardon of all of no god)!

I asked that lovely day; sun and warm, no breeze, and by ourselves! I meant so much well; the excitement of a girl liking me! She said so many times no Lloyd I don’t like you! I hollar and yell (not actually) and she said yes, okay, I like you! Oh, boy there I am looking with the confidence of greatness! I have a girlfriend! What a great note that was torn and thrown in the trash! i mean what is this your cheating on me how could you do such a thing! I enjoy the small peter she said (My bad Peter)! I mean this little thing; and oh of course is just as quick a dance then the heartbeat! I loved them all but, aye who couldn’t I stay with myself; you can love a dog right (clarification) anywho! i mean so well; that thang rise up and short of any aspect of God or god, but hey that kiss (@%&) is awesome! Maybe take two hours for the great lick of great vanilla ice cream! So toe jam, but better bread…(could say lol, wats tha point?))) so as time invades the great outside of life, I doomed that relationship without patience! She was soft and chubby, cute too, we played house and of course we were the couple! A great battle of saying I dont like that gurl! Anyway she became that of, I like never know what happend? So, now I sit in this chair considerably homeless (addict tha least) enjoying my great day again and again! Never understand why someone would give away such a great life (never the homeless,,,clarified)! Now the greedy of things seem to be as if the bastards with great monies and of coourse coin (daeedadeee!)!

Cell involve but tree! Ground see through but sky! Water high but dark blue! I take water to saw brick and to mix pepesi and to also wash my ass! I enjoy washing my cloths and digging the dirt! I enjoy the new begining of that CIGAR….hey don’t jugde! So mortal Kombat and then mario oh well mispelled shit im different fuckit!!!!!


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