multiple talks at one time and then that single speech! I mean how can I know she want to get down? How could I visualize the words I speak? Text message is key and golden (you being smart)! I mean who do you know thats really gay? I mean is it gay cause I don’t do it or is it even nasty? Why would I put my place of another man? No, no, and what is the effort of the battle? Are you influencing my ass and I am steady telling you no so my ass notify my mind to punch yo out? Then the criticism; mom dukes hollar I am gay wtf! Pussy (for all yall that banish eyes of profanity) is the greatest fleshy golden promise to me!

I lay in my bead small dick (penis for those who had this flesh of chocolate) and quick nutting factor (sperm for my geeks out there) hollaring hell at god! I mean here is this moist and warm, soaking wett, fumigating, tight, loosely fashioned pussy hole! Why as the greatest thing to man as my self would you allow such a curse! I mean damn I formulate this greast sexual fashion of art! You disturb my damn artistics to announce your claim and then the least don’t let me back in the pussy (both ways that is)! I mean the hell with you fuck; and then there goes the devil to encourage the pout of my demise! Then alone man comes along and announce how much better he does! She comes and say hell I’ll sex him just to laugh as I creep in the bathroom! Wow, here me go even upon jaculation (beatting meat or masturbate) see another shortcoming of not so great orgasmic pleasure! I ask the doctor and say ma’ma (no where near ma’ma; she’ll be 150years old and still SAF) I nut fast and uhm need to figure out how not too! see no i should have hit that up..shit im in st pete hell! Anywho, i got that body kiss though (bring that stank ass here if you want to shittttttt!,,,,,,,”””!(laftor that is….,,,,””;;::::”,,

what if god pissing on us all or baking us or toilet ocean or shit just fatting us up and you skinny ones are the grissle uh yea that is some old ass shitt and uhm i am tired of it fuck why dont you just dieeee or dye or whatever!


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