Never for get to loose…future never know…orcastraight life as wedding….past content complete…walk in what’s gone….then again search…yet think and alert…fake could be as long life….live

Wake up from a call whether phone or moment…yet mama said earlier always better…from food stamps to cash assistance the figure proceed to acre yet shed a tear….block is dessert Yale freeze as custard upon cherry….sand will always blossom whether mountain or….fleeing a freestyle creates live unproduced….so as much conversations is bipolar or schizo the ailment is closed….

Vision my future yet eye see the same who is you, but who is you???? I have had a sun yet yours bright and your sand yet my truth….yellow sun brown sand…your face your stomach and then you word to spell!!!//) The same is organized magic hair and stach…yet amusement to direction…

I eye fill woman female lil ma well you know but why or who but then…when you decide who can tell you what is or isn’t…but my name well mama said Lloyd Alexander Johanna Noel Jr. And then grandma said I’m devil…who shall exist???? For all our dollars or creator of such what is design and to explore something designed from your rates hand….MONEY OR YOUR CALL

well a story is poor neither homeless yet January the house cold and as is muzic delight

Rather than such tuesday a job pointer tv….as so I’m in these tight pants and seemed to stretch butteruhm ima baggy Jean man or male or female…. So I push on and that God lift the air erdae!!!!


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