Four Get Heart MarshMelloes as Tã1lå and yelloW…Book TWO flights; shit maybe…SPELL touch skin lighten MANY teers…

Soe MaNy VOICES yet, eńchalädà sae!¡ only Mick sCONsKrewed…ladYs dont BUG…season cold steam…£GOD£ NANA numbnumb butteruhm clumpy ass WIFEY marry age until uncle WHO….

Sea…look two hair shit only…

Retard was so Volcanic that Fart smelt Brimstone yet music was cornEy didnt comprehend Nas +LYRITS+ till.till 35 maybe¿ wine ween lil piggle til wiGGly…

Lonely brown_RED aye caught up on my pices ass till you feel or (comprehend) yourself,,,, soul tare but spoil sour booty cheeks through spandex pants…nile my nakedness never ever smell of such ah ass yet irish spring,.. Quest iz much diffrent clause sahtan is smooth and soFt# read your dayz and comprehend you cause everyone else is as is…sHit their shIt and eat TheIr bitE… Love Qoncure AlL clean my Belonging clotH as Moneyoursselfigure

As yenomy foward is back and allways¡; games eqwal brand of cigar or ARTIST even NFL survival of home, apartment, children, famile…kids learn playdoe and Legos…



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