Some want to own the world some are satisfied with just a small part, but most will lie until there is nothing to lie about. They will take motivational speeches and flip them to recieve their own greed. Trying so hard as to whisper in homes and such using things unknown on the normal internet. Recording voices as photoshop and attempting to lie. Gain people through hurtful engagements. Pushing good people to tour other sites. Alowing themselves to live normal lives having hard times. Not coming out for days or longer or staying in one section of town. They arent able to conversate or to act accordingly when people come around. Always attempting to build to the point of stressing lies to those of importance. Feeling of strives or whishes. Terribily some are in good positions. Being addicted to no drug or alcohol but pertraing as if they are. Sadly these folks arent held accountable for their actions.
I am working hard accomplishing my happiness…this crazybiterdotblog is for us whom have or have true mentalailments encouraging self respect appreciation and self love. Independence of a true sort. Truth love living never giving into confusion or lack of self. I am the most important no one or body will or can do for  me what I will do for myself. Everything or nothing can or will love me better or more than me. I then as the ground will be single grain of sand but a whole ground of single grains of sands.

I would tell a story, but perfect is sometimes having stank shit and sometimes no stank shit!



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