Your yes…crucial likes dislikes…hate butteruhm…why laugh joke choke chuckle creep…addicted Yale rather name…rats has many babies well virtual reality has a future meaning snatch take or deceive…I eye know what happens in the day already built yet hold held letgoe now…see no why slap meaning good laugh which is doubt now eye slap you and laugh…yesterday see yes well now turn cross leg and lean…cold hot tore as though can’t get out evilcaneviel….as switch board could be text to someone else and you don’t even know…this is not my mother frantic and then are you my mother…yes I am I never knew in my head I thought brother.meaning my bother is broth or anger…my back hurts my hand yet first said arm…we free we paid we luxury we get all we want defense madden or basketball or handball…I mean medical no food yes delight why pain don’t want for myself maybe she doo….eye don’t know unless done right correct our own language money building style and our own everything never to be qoncoured or to ever loose win die or defeat never to say we weak or profitable to any….never greedy we all gotta eat aids are your life looking for you. Tell tell tickaliqa zakanelaé


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